#WeAreUnhidden January 2021
#WeAreUnhidden January 2021

 South Asian man seated with elbows one knees and hands clasped. His hair is pulled back in to a bun. He is looking directly at the camera.

We made it through 2020!! Although.. What a year 2021 is turning out to be.

This blog is much later than planned thanks to me (Victoria) injuring myself whilst working from bed whilst already unwell- posture is important folks! 

There are a lot of updates and then some exciting spotlights I want to share with you.

First things first- our t-shirts and branding have arrived and will be shipping by the end of this week!

We are hoping to launch a trial run of the alteration service in February and we will keep you posted on that; with everything going on at the moment logistics and safety are the biggest obstacles for us.

Once we get altering we can film the process to then share the workshops with you, so you can alter and adapt your own clothing/ adapt clothing for others ☺️


Victoria (founder) took part in Disability Talks standing in for CEO of Models of Diversity Angel Sinclair- the recording will be available on our brand new YouTube channel soon, but do click to read the incredible winning entries.

text saying 'models of diversity in black, the dots over the I letters are bright red.

Unhidden model and ambassador Moeed Majeed has started up a vlog, we love him and we know you will too, click here to watch.

South asian man seated on a bench rests his elbows on his knees with his hands clasped in front of him, looking at the ground. He wears all black except for white socks.

If you missed our live with Joseph @cerebralpalsyfitguy then click here and view it- a really powerful hour long chat, we'll be going live again with him soon.

Black and white photo of a man smiling at the camera. He has light facial hair. His shirt is unbuttoned to mid chest.

Next month one of our brand ambassadors will be contributing to our blog, we hope you show them some love.

Hoping you are all keeping safe and well, we see you, we are here for you.

Be stylish, be seen, be Unhidden.