The Little eBook of Ableism - Digital

Easy Read Version - The Little eBook of Ableism - Digital

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Pdf format.

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Ever heard of Ableism? No judgement here- most people haven't!

This is because ableism/ disability history isn't taught in schools.

So no one knows what it looks and sounds like until it is them on the receiving end- and that isn't limited to the Disabled community either by the way. Whether you know it or not, you have been affected by an ableist system.

Founder Victoria has compiled these examples and how better to navigate them in an effort to helpfully and kindly show what we can do to be better allies- it's a small thing we can all do every day to be more inclusive from language adjustments to how to approach people with Disabilities in a kinder way.

There is also a medical glossary of *some* of the most common terms, conditions and slang terms used by the community but this is from Victoria's own research and perspective so may not be fully exhaustive- which is why we also signpost to other people and places to help you on your ally journey.

1 billion people globally will not agree and language changes over time so it is likely this will need updating in the future. As with all marginalised communities there is nuance and intersection.

This book was proof read by a trainee with SIC Official who we highly recommend if you want to learn how to support people with disabilities in the work place.