As an organisation run by disabled people, we understand the barriers to accessing content, events and services. We are a small start-up, currently with limited means so if you do come across accessibility barriers while interacting with us and/ or accessing our site, please inform us. We are really open to working with our community to make Unhidden the most accessible and inclusive it can be, and we are open and completely understand that there will always be things we can work on. You can reach filling out the contact forms on our website. We will endeavour to reply to you within 2-3 working days.

Our Commitment

Unhidden is committed to being as accessible as possible through our products, our website, online and offline events and throughout our work. We are a social enterprise run by disabled people, for disabled people. Experiencing inaccessible and ableist environments all around us, we know how important it is to find a space where you know you’re welcome.


Where we are the lead event organiser, we commit to making the events as accessible and inclusive as possible. Where we are not the lead event organiser, we will either actively choose to not partner with organisations whose events are inaccessible or offer significant critique both online and offline to the key stakeholders involved with the event organisation process. At all Unhidden events an event itinerary, venue finding instructions and any follow up notes will be provided so everyone can participate fully in the event.


All communication with the Unhidden team can be done via email as a first stage of communication. We are also able to provide phone-calls or teams video chat, please indicate that this is something you require for access, we are happy to accommodate!


We are a new, self funded start-up with a mission, and have built the website with AAA access in mind. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you find any part of the website inaccessible- though designing for universal accessibility is often difficult, we will endeavour to find a solution. We are aware that some of our users may find parts of our website inaccessible, if this is the case we recommend the following accessibility tools:


NVDA - Screen reader - The best free screen reader on the market, works with
all of the website but may have some problems reading over links in texts.

Google - Screen Reader - Another option, if having some problems downloading
NVDA, works with the majority of the website.


Font adaptations for dyslexic people - Very simple and easy to use has no issues

with cropping on website.

HelperBird - Multiple options to increase readability for dyslexia - Has a premium
and free version of the software, has more options than OpenDyslexic. (Note:
has some issues with text cropping on calendar)


Chrome filter to change colour of website - Midnight lizard is very intuitive and
easy to use software that allows any changes to the colour of scheme to website
to increase readability.

Colour enhancer - simplified and with less options the midnight lizard, still a
useful option for those who are colour blind or need different colours.