#WeAreUnhidden April 2021
#WeAreUnhidden April 2021
We didn't quite manage an April fools' this time round... Maybe next year?!
We get to talk about press we have been featured in!
We have had a pretty spectacular few weeks and we know there is more brewing in the background- I have been delaying posting this to try and get it included but alas- I wanted to get this up and out.
We got a lovely mention in The Guardian (click to read the full article) alongside some other adaptive brands which is awesome.
We were in Stylist Loves (click to read) which was incredible as it has long been a goal of mine to get adaptive clothing mentioned there.
We were also mentioned in The Good Trade (click to read the full article) again alongside some other adaptive brands that we know and love.
All of these articles and more are now on our website, at the bottom of the home page you can click through to press (and we're hoping to have a website re-vamp very soon to bring it up to accessibility standards).
I spoke with the very wonderful Aoife Madden on her radio show 'C is for Chronically Fabulous' which was on Sunday 5th April at 1:45pm it is also a full podcast which is also on our site and links to it are here.
Please also follow Aoife's instagram page @bisforbladder, and tune in to her show and listen to her podcast- she's brilliant. ♡
We have added a new product to our site, which is the incredible Save My Knickers stain remover! Now, I know that sounds a bit unusual so hear me out- I am in a Facebook group and saw Lucy Self (Founder of Save My Knickers) post about her product and I thought it actually has even more uses than for people on periods- what about those post surgery mishaps? Tube leaks? Bag leaks?!
Lucy works in the NHS and this is her side business so it was also brilliant to be able to work with her from this perspective.
We only have a few so move quickly!
Our very amazing Unhidden model and brand ambassador Bonnie is raising money to get her the chair she needs to skate in- please donate and share, we will be doing what we can to support Bonnie too!
And we have to end this months blog with how the kickstarter has gone- it finishes on the 11th April but I have to send the biggest of thank yous to each and every one of you that has supported it, backed it or shared it- it means we can do a bit more and move Unhidden forward!
Being one of the 'Projects We Love' within kickstarter was also a great moment for us because it can be hard to capture the attention adaptive fashion needs in big spaces. I promise I will always be pushing for more.
We are looking forward to next month because (drum roll....) We are going to be at a Pop Up shop!
Thursday 20th May at 58 Oxford street, but we'll talk more about that in next months blog.
Stay well, stay safe.
Victoria x