Unhidden July Blog
Unhidden July Blog

Well it's been a couple of months and so much has happened that this will be *quite* the update; and a little lazy from me (Victoria) as I'll be sending you to a raft of other brilliant blogs that Unhidden has been a part of which is really wonderful.

First though- the pop up shop debrief... Exactly on our 6 month anniversary we shared Sook space on Oxford street with Teddo play and The Painted Peacock and we all had a blast! A fair few brand ambassadors popped in, as well as some of our wonderful followers. I also spoke on BBC Radio Breakfast Show that morning and then had a live interview with Channel 5 News in the evening!

I can also share that we will be heading BACK there on a more regular basis- Starting Thursday 12th August we will be there every week for 2 months, then every Friday for October.

We will also be in Cambridge every Sunday starting the 8th August which is incredibly exciting and something we are thrilled to be able to do in our first 8 months of opening.

Victoria stands at the shop front of Sook Oxford Street. There is a blue wheelchair ramp leading in to the shop. Victoria is wearing black trousers and jacket and a white 'Unhidden' T-shirt.

David Bourroughs, founder of Buddies For All has created a survey he needs everyone, disabled or not to fill in; the link is below and please do check out his incredible company and mission.


Blogs: in order of appearance, we have spoken to Bladder And Bowel Community, Podengo and The Vendeur over the past 2 months and we are thrilled to be sharing their work as well as our mission. The magic is absolutely in working together across communities.

We took part in a giveaway with Violet Square which is an exciting new platform launching soon so do go and check them out if mindfully sourced lifestyle products is where your interests lie.

Ryan Zaman, model and founder of 'The Right Foot Forward' did a brilliant live with Guardian Fashion this week and raised brilliant points about fashion and inclusion- we share a lot of the same views do go and check out his instagram page and platform to listen to those and learn more from him.

We have a number of giveaways coming up soon which are super exciting.

We do hope you have read all the way down to the bottom, it is #DisabilityPrideMonth so we want to give a shout out to some of the incredible people and advocates in this space that make it a little easier to feel proud of our incredible and diverse community.

An instagram post. A beige background has brown writing over it. The text says ' if your advocacy for disabled people does not include race, you are only speaking for the white disabled community'. Underneath is the instagram handle @emmanuewella Aaron Philip is a Blacks trans woman based in New York City. This glorious photo of her shows her in a sparkly dress that is see through and a white shirt underneath. She has pink hair and a beret style hat on, and is seated in her power chair. A photo of Jess who's head is tilted slightly back while she looks down towards the camera. She has bobbed blonde hair and a fringe with striking dark brows and eyes. She has a lip piercing and the shoulders of a top can be seen in vivid orange, red and pink hues.A Black man called Antwan Tolliver sits in a manual wheelchair. He is wearing a black vest and sports shorts. The wall behind him is bright purple fading to pink at the floor. He is also wearing a black cap.A white man with a limb difference on his left arm is flexing his biceps and looking to the top right of the photo. Behind him is a faded rainbow with the words 'pride month' in white text at the end. He is wearing a white t-shirt that says 'Never stop being you' in rainbow colours. A bright rainbow looks like a cape behind him. There are small white stars dotted around.

I recently spoke with Nicole and Shannon on the 'I am possible' podcast which flew by and we covered a lot of ground- ableism is such a vast topic.

I also spoke to Naomi Mellor on her 'Smashing the Ceiling' podcast series which I have also linked here.

 A white back ground has a circular photo in it. The background inside is a variety of blues. A headshot photo of Victoria is in the centre. She has bobbed brown hair in a centre parting and is smiling to the left of the photo. She is wearing red lipstick, a black jacket and a white striped top. Text around the circle says The Iampossible podcast. It is episode 13.A textured pinky grey back ground has eucalyptus leaves from bottom right leaning towards top left. Over the top is a white window cut out with a photo inside of Victoria. She has bobbed brown hair and is wearing a navy and white polka dot dress. Text underneath the photo says ' Victoria Jenkins. On unexpected entrepreneurship  and disability advocacy. Podcast out now.

There are so many announcements coming soon so if you haven't already please do subscribe for updates and I'll hopefully be seeing you in person very soon...


Our last one- Chamiah Dewey is launching a crowd funder Wednesday 7th July at 7pm that we very much hope you'll be supporting; if you look through the rewards you'll even find us. We believe in collaborative adaptive fashion and this is just the start.

Gentle hugs and love to you,