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Embarking on the journey of renting clothes offers many reasons this should be your new favourite way to shop. 

Does your daily life involve a wrestling match with an overflowing wardrobe of clothes you no longer resonate with? Are you struggling to find clothes that are accessible to changing body needs without breaking the bank? Do you relate to the moment you open your wardrobe doors to an avalanche of garments, yet the paradox of having 'nothing to wear' persists? 

Or you're not battling the chaos; instead, you're suiting up for a war on waste. In a world where £140 million worth of clothing does a nosedive into landfills annually, renting clothes becomes a Marie Kondo-esque intervention for our planet—sparking joy without adding to the ecological clutter.

Here are five reasons why we think you should make clothes rental your new way to shop in 2024 (yes! Even though we sell clothes!) Because we think it’s a decision that promises both style liberation and the ability to be eco-conscious. It's a win-win for you and the planet!

1. Save Money

Fashion trends change faster than you can say "couture," which means keeping up with the latest styles can be financially and environmentally taxing. That's where the innovative concept of renting clothes comes into play, as one of its most significant benefits is the substantial cost savings.

Designer items often come with a hefty price tag that is out of reach for many people. But fashion rental can make wearing a piece you've fallen in love with possible. If you're a fashion enthusiast who needs more money to purchase new high-quality clothes more often, renting clothes could be an option that means wearing your favourite fashion brands you’ve admired doesn’t have to feel like a distant dream. 

Or you might have the budget to pop into Harrods and buy something brand new, but you could still save money by continually using a rental platform. Why enjoy that temporary buyer's buzz when you can enjoy that feeling multiple times throughout the year while still spending less? Enjoy more variety for your money!

2. Environmental Sustainability

The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental impact, from manufacturing processes to disposing of unwanted clothing. The reality is that every garment created involves raw materials, water and energy. The extraction and processing of these materials contribute to deforestation, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but of course some brands take steps to make their production process as sustainable as possible. We use deadstock fabric in all of our clothes- the most ethical way to produce new garments- but you don’t have that guarantee with other high street retailers. 

By renting clothes, you're hitting the pause button on this resource-heavy production cycle. Not to mention, the disposal of clothing, often after minimal usage (especially in the fast fashion industry where lower quality clothes need replacing more often), adds to the growing pile of textile waste. 

Synthetic fabrics can take centuries to decompose, releasing harmful chemicals into the soil and water. Renting contributes to a circular fashion economy, reducing the demand for new production and minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposal in a world churning out fashion quickly. 

3. Experiment with Style and Wardrobe Variety

Renting clothes means you can experiment with a variety of styles without adding to your problem, and it might even give you the breathing space to start decluttering. Plus, you'll be exploring a mix of options and discovering more about your unique style (renting allows you to try looks out without commitment) which means by the time you’ve decluttered, you'll be more intentional about what you might add to your wardrobe and more self-assured choosing the pieces that make you feel your most confident; more like you.

If you want to discover your unique style, renting clothes is a fun and sustainable way to experiment. Forget the fashion time capsule where your style is stuck in a bygone era and experiment with new looks as your style evolves instead. 

What we desire to wear changes, and the same clothes that might have once made you feel good may no longer make you feel like your fabulous, dazzling self. Renting clothes can be a way to explore your identity and creativity through playing with various looks that spark your soul and reflect exactly how you want to express yourself in the moment of life you're currently living.

4.Trying Before You Buy

Buying clothes can be a stressful experience for many disabled people. We want to know whether the clothes are going to fit right and feel right in our day to day lives, and even trying on clothes in our bedrooms isn’t enough. It can be difficult to make a decision on whether a piece of clothing is right for you with just one try on. Renting gives us the ideal opportunity to ‘roadtest’ clothes, so we can see how our bodies move in them, whether the material feels comfortable against your skin, or whether they ride up in wheelchairs, rub stoma bags or catch on walking sticks etc.

Unhidden was born because our Founder, Victoria, saw a glaring gap in the market; there were limited options of accessible clothing for disabled people, that could also be colourful and stylish and not clinical and boring.

We understand how challenging it can be to find the clothes that work for your individual needs and also make you feel fan-bloomin-tastic, like you’re oozing the epitome of self-expression and wearing the metaphorical Crown of Confidence (real crowns are accepted here too. You do you!). Renting clothes can take this pressure off as you take more time to experiment and get a feel for an outfit or item, because you deserve to wear clothes that make you feel nothing short of amazing.

5. Special Occasions and Events

Who needs a wardrobe bursting at the seams with occasion wear? Do we really need an overflowing wardrobe with an array of outfits for every situation you might need clothes for? There’s so much pressure to have a wardrobe that’s prepared for every occasion or event you might find yourself going to, but usually all a cluttered wardrobe brings you is overwhelm. Renting is your genie in a bottle, granting you the wish of a killer outfit without the burden of eternal ownership. 

Make a statement, dazzle the crowd, return the outfit and never worry about when you might wear it again. Oh, and in the meantime, why not look for your next showstopper rental piece just for fun? 

How many people can say they’re wearing something that has been down the runway at London Fashion Week? (Hint- you!) 

Renting Clothes From Unhidden Is Now An Option On Loanhood!

Unhidden embodies the belief that fashion should be inclusive to all; making fashion rental an option is another way to make luxury fashion accessible to more people. That's why we're excited to share the exciting news that you can now rent out Unhidden pieces on the clothes rental app Loanhood, which lets you rent the latest designer fashion at a fraction of the total retail price!

Choosing to rent Unhidden pieces on Loanhood could start a liberating journey of your personal style evolution, knowing you're supporting sustainability and inclusivity! To get started and find your new favourite Unhidden piece(s), download the app on iOS or Android devices for free, set up an account and head straight to the explore section, where you can start curating your feed and request items to rent. Loanhood also has two types of loans, so it's up to you whether you want to loan an item (one piece) or loan a look (multiple items) at any given time.

Type Unhidden in the search bar, and you'll find colourful and stylish fashion-adaptive pieces, designed to be worn by any body. We can't wait to see you proudly wearing your Unhidden pieces like you’re on the runway in the foreseeable future, letting your style evolve without sacrificing the planet or breaking the bank!