Three boxes are stacked with two at the bottom. One on the left has a pale lilac ribbon, middle has a burgundy and the right one has a forest green ribbon. The background is beige with Christmas motifs.
Three boxes are stacked with two at the bottom. One on the left has a pale lilac ribbon, middle has a burgundy and the right one has a forest green ribbon. The background is beige with Christmas motifs.

Unhidden Team Top Picks

We’ve asked the office what’s on their Christmas wish list! From the perfect stocking fillers and Secret Santa presents to gifts to gifts that come with love as well as impact. These gift ideas range from £8.99 to £93 so there is something for every budget. We’ve got inclusive design, disabled-led and businesses supporting good causes too, so you can shop knowing that it’s all going back to the community.  


Victoria Loves: for the mug collector.

It’s great to see that the revolution of stylish, modern accessible homeware is here! These mugs by Rosa Lifestyle offer so many people struggling with dexterity a way of continuing to have their cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. For some people it may not seem like a big deal, but when you can’t enjoy the little things independently due to inaccessible design, it does start to take a toll. I’d pair this with someone's favourite tea bags for the perfect gift.



This is an image of a purple coffee mug with two handles. The background is white.


£11.99 - Two handled mugs 


Rachael Loves: for the eco-conscious.

These grip unscented soaps are an absolute dream come true. I have sensitive skin, and soap is always a struggle to use in the shower! This is a disabled-owned brand, and their product labels are all braille stamped too- I’ve got this on my wishlist after using their soap in a tin while traveling this year. 


In this image, three bars of soaps with wooden top handles are placed on top of each other, embellished with the name of the brand "hanini". The soaps are in different shades of brown and are placed on a marble counter. A hand holding a bar of soap by a wooden hand attached to it seen right above the stack of soap. The hand has nails painted in bright light blue nail varnish. In the background of the counter is a potted plant on the left hand side and on the right hand side is a rolled up towel.

£8.99 - Grip unscented soaps


May Loves: for the person who is always cold.

So many health conditions leave us feeling cold, whether it’s cold hands, feet or all over.. This Wales based brand does your usual suspects of socks and hot waterbottles, but it also takes is to the next level- portable hot waterbottles with straps so you can wear it like a backpack (front or back) as well as pockets to also keep your hands warm! 


This is a product image of a hot water bottle. It is orange in color with red wavy stripes all over it. The water bottle has straps on either side. The background is granite.

£85 - The original Cosymajig 


Rachael Loves: for the disabled person who is just *over it*.

Our latest slogan t-shirts are going to get a lot of wear! It’s tough to pick, but my favorite slogan at the moment is ‘Not your inspiration porn.’ I’ll be styling it with a velvet midi skirt to dress up for Christmas parties for that statement piece and with plaid pyjama bottoms for cozy Christmas morning lie-ins! 

Moatez, a Tunisian man, is wearing a green corduroy dungaree and a white t-shirt with text across the chest reading "not your inspiration porn". He is stretching the shirt towards the camera. He is sitting on a manual wheelchair. The background is cream in color.

£30 - Not your inspiration porn t-shirt 


Vienna Loves: for someone that struggles to sleep

As someone that struggles with an anxiety disorder, I find the nights to be just as challenging as the busy mornings. Unwinding at the end of the day is very crucial for my mental health journey and this gorgeous gift set comes with all the tools you need! Thoughtfully created by someone with anxiety for someone with anxiety. 


This is a product image of a gift basket. The gift basket consists of a diffuser , a sleeping mist, book and incense. The gift basket is placed on a wooden counter.

£93.00 (free shipping in the US and Canada) 


Zelda Loves: for sharing the body positive love.

This mug features some of the most inspiring people of the body positive movement including Megan Jayne Crabbe (bodyposipanda), Harnaam Kaur to name but a few. Look closely and you'll also spot the incredible artist Frida Kahlo who refused to conform to societies rules and boundaries. 


A mug is placed horizontally on an another mug in way that the bottom on the top mug is displayed to the camera. The inside of mug reads "you are a limited edition. an absolute masterpiece exactly as you are." The mug is white, the writing and patterns are blue.

£15 - Body positive willow mug


Rudy Loves: for people who just need to take a minute

After a long night of boozy christmas karaoke, nothing suffices like a big, warm cup of tea.

And personally, i’d like a cuppa from Cup of Te´ absolutely anytime. This Canadian brand specialises in high-end, organic tea blends and teasets with an emphasis on quality- and they ship internationally. Founded by Taylor Lindsay-Noel, an aspiring Olympic gymnast who suffered a devastating accident while in training that left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. 


A product image of two packages of tea, a box with "Cup of Te" written on it, a gold spoon, tea infuser and gold tin. The products are placed on a marble counter. The background has orange drapes.

£64.00 - Gold-starter-kit


Victoria Loves: for last minute or long distance gifting 

E-books are a book lover's dream, and The Little Book Of Ableism is the perfect gift for disabled friends, family and allies alike. At the under £5 mark this is also a great secret Santa gift idea too! This is also a lifesaver when it comes to sending out last minute gifts, thank you’s and to long distance friends and family. 


A black and white book cover with Victoria Jenkins in the background. Over the image is text that says "Little book of Ableism", at the bottom of the box it says "written by Victoria Jenkins".

£4 - Little Book Of Ableism, e-book 


Eleni Loves: for the book/ manga lover 

This is an independent bookshop ran by a neurodiverse seller for anyone that wants graphic novels/manga books in their Christmas stocking. The shop is a winner of the inaugural New Futures in Bookselling prize led by and the Booksellers Association. This seller’s main goal is to create an inclusive space and one day to open their own community focused bookshop where everyone regardless of background is welcome. For every age, this pick is perfect for anyone who wants to get lost in a disney classic. 

A book cover of a manga book with Elsa sitting on a white horse. The top of the book says "Disney - Frozen 2", the bottom says "Adapted by Arina Tanemura"

£10.44 - Disney Frozen 2: The Manga