Socially Responsible.

At Unhidden we use the phrase socially responsible because not only do we commit to more than just 'sustainable' fabric goals- we care about the whole supply chain and the people who form that chain.

We also believe in radical transparency- this is why you see our price breakdowns on our product pages- we have nothing to hide from you and you are entitled to know every inch of how we make your clothing and how we treat those who work for us.

Photo of Sophie Elwes, a white woman with brown hair in a half up do. She has her back partially to the camera, is wearing a white wrap top exposing her back and black trousers. She is seated in a manual wheelchair against a grey/ cream backdrop.

With our current set up and due to cost and Covid we have not been able to fly out to Bulgaria- but our incredible factory liason Lora Gene (who owns her own gorgeous fashion brand) has worked with this sample room for a long time and is the link between founder Victoria and the sample room.

As we move towards small production runs, we will move to working with a fully fledged factory instead of a sample room- and will be taking a trip out there in the next few months, sharing the highly skilled workers' stories and their incredible knowledge with you as we go.

We have sourced certified organic fabric via Organic Textile Company for our Photoshoot and Fashion week samples when time constraints have forced our hand.

We have sourced deadstock fabric via Ambio-N that is used on customer orders.

We are now only sourcing deadstock fabric from within Bulgaria itself to reduce carbon emissions.

Packaging (mailers) we get from Priory Direct.

Swing tickets: seeded paper bought from UK based Etsy seller Little Green Paper Shop 

Victoria at present hand stamps these swing tickets with her customised stamp from The English Stamp Company.

And that's it- that's the supply chain!

Nice and easy, traceable, and shared with you.

As we move to include adaptive upcycling projects we'll share more here in future- there is a lot to do but we're keeping it as 'green' as we can, without the nonsense or flat out fibs from our contemporaries.